Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to undress for the treatment?

Not necessarily, this will depend on where the area to be treated is. The painful area will need to be exposed for the examination. Some patients bring shorts to wear others prefer to wear the gowns that are provided.  If you are having cranial treatment you will only have to remove your shoes.

Do Osteopaths treat by cracking the joints?

The ‘cracking techniques’ are some times used by osteopaths and are called high velocity thrusts or HVT’s. Theses techniques are sometime applied to the spinal joints to increase the range of movement and relax the deep muscles that cannot be reached by massage alone. These techniques are not suitable for everyone and is usually only performed in the mid and lower back for safety reasons. This technique is only a small part of the treatment used by osteopaths and if a patient is not happy with this the style of the treatment can be easily changed with out effect to the outcome of the treatment.

What do I expect after my treatment?

Some patients feel a little sore 24 – 48 hours after the treatment, but should never make the symptoms any worse. Many patients feel immediate relief from some of their symptoms but most conditions can take a few sessions to get back to normal.  It is advisable to try and rest the day of treatment.

Osteopathy, that’s just for bad backs, right?

Osteopathy can help treat all joint aches and pains including tension headaches.  In the case of cranial, can help babies who are not sleeping well and with colic too. If you have any questions about if we can help you please do send an email or call the clinic.